Modafinil Modalert

What is Modalert 200 Tablet?

Modalert 200 Tablet is used in the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness (narcolepsy). It improves wakefulness and helps you to stay awake and reduces the tendency to fall asleep during the day, thus restoring the normal sleep cycle. Modalert 200 tablets may be taken with or without food. It is advised to take this medicine at a fixed time each day to maintain a consistent level in the blood. If you miss any doses, take them as soon as you remember. Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better. This medication mustn’t be stopped suddenly as it may worsen your symptoms.

What is Modalert 200 Tablet used for?

Narcolepsy (Uncontrollable daytime sleepiness).



In Narcolepsy (Uncontrollable daytime sleepiness) Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes excessive daytime drowsiness. The affected person may experience excessive sleepiness, sleep paralysis, hallucinations, and in some cases episodes of cataplexy (partial or total loss of muscle control). Modalert 200 Tablet stimulates the brain and makes you fully awake. It also relieves these abnormal symptoms and regulates the sleep cycle. This restores normal sleeping habits and improves your quality of life. You will feel more energetic and will be able to perform better in your daily activities.


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