The 2-FDCK (or 2 fluorodeschloroketamine or fluorophenyl 2 methylamino cyclohexan) form a structure within an amino group with fluorophenyl 2-methylamino cyclohexan, 2 methylamino cyclohexan 1 one.

The 2 methylamino cyclohexan 1 one and fluorophenyl 2 methylamino is therefore
called fluoroketamine 2, 2 fl, fl 2 oxo pcm or 2 fluorophenyl.

2 FDCK (2 fluorodeschloroketamine) does not contain chlorine and differs from regular ketamine in that respect.

Research shows that the effect of 2 FDCK
can lead to a higher musical appreciation, a physical euphoria that
can even feel spontaneous physical sensations such as suppression of the orgasm.

2 FDCK works just like ketamine, some say it does

will even replace ketamine entirely in the future.


Buy high-quality 2 FDCK

pharmaccare has many years of experience in the designer drug industry,
which enables us to guarantee the highest quality for our products.

The research chemicals, including 2 FDCK are used the most

carefully transported, stored and kept in cool, dry places.

All pharmaccare designer drugs are of high quality and have a fair price.
The research chemical 2 FDCK is sold in powder form in the RCT webshop.
All products are always pre-tested for quality, purity and safety.



Order research chemicals safely

At pharmaccare you can create your own account as a new customer,

All 2 FDCK of the pharmaccare are of high quality and have a fair price.

When you order from pharmaccare 2 FDCK, we ensure that your order is delivered to your home quickly, safely and discreetly

Research chemicals such as 2 FDCK are easy to order

with an iDeal, credit card, Bitcoin or bank transfer.

2-FDCK ordered before 4 p.m., delivered tomorrow!


Discrete shipment of legal 2 FDCK

Despite the fact that designer drugs
are now legally available on the internet, we as a pharmaccare strive to ship in the safest and most discreet way possible;

The RC has put in a click bag before they go into a sealed bag where they are double burned.
Then they go into a mylar bag which is sprayed with anti-dog spray.

We do not sell 2 FDCK if you are under 18 years old!

Safely investigate 2 FDCK

In the safe investigation of a designer drug such as 2 FDCK, it is in the

First of all, it is important to know from which source you can obtain this product.

There are a number of online shops that replace effective ingredients
with cheap substances whose effect is much less or even harmful.

Therefore, be wary if a price is “too good to be true”.

1. Do your own research first into how 2 FDCK works.
2. Know the risks to avoid problems.
3. Never use too high a dose, but use the correct number of micrograms.
4. Know in advance what your body can or cannot handle.
5. Every person is different.

When researching 2 FDCK, have a friend stay nearby and keep water handy.
Investigating in advance how to use 2-FDCK safely is strongly recommended.


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